A simple guide to getting married in Hong Kong

For every person eager to get married inside the usa, there are legal guidelines to abide through. But the procedure is clean, problem-unfastened and quick. All that the parties trying to marry need to do is comply with the rules and you will be hitched without any issues. Want to understand greater? Here is a guide to getting married in Hong Kong.

Give a Notice of Intended Marriage
A Notice of Intended Marriage is a legal report stating the purpose of the parties to marry. It may be submitted by using either one of the marrying events. The note need to take delivery of in the prescribed layout in Form MR1(S) to the Registrar of Marriages either at once or through a civil celebrant of marriages. As in step with the regulation, the notice should be given as a minimum 15 days before the date of nuptials however now not earlier than 3 months. This manner that a Notice of Intended Marriage is legitimate for 3 months best, inside which the wedding ought to be solemnised. If the registrar is satisfied with all statutory responsibilities in the submitted be aware, a Certificate of Registrar of Marriages will be issued which enables the two events to marry inside three months from the date of giving of the awareness.

If in case three months have elapsed from the submission of Notice of Intended Marriage and the wedding hasn’t taken region, a clean word will must be submitted. Notice also can take delivery of outside Hong Kong if the parties are residing distant places but intend to marry within the u . S ..

Submitting the Notice
You can provide the Notice of Intended Marriage by way of booking an appointment on-line or the use of the 24-hour smartphone reserving gadget at the phone number 3102-3883. The word must be submitted in person via both one of the marrying events at the chosen marriage registry/workplace on the scheduled date and time. Notice also can accept thru a Civil Celebrant of Marriages.

If you are filing your Notice of Intended Marriage online, it’s also suitable to file Form MR21B, which is the Information Required for Marriage Registration. Otherwise, this shape will ought to be submitted in man or woman on the scheduled date with the Registrar.

The party appearing at the workplace of the Registrar for filing the Notice have to bring assisting files of both self and partner. These encompass a Hong Kong Identity Card (best for Hong Kong citizens), a legitimate journey file (for non-Hong Kong citizens) and an unique/certified reproduction of the divorce paper (if both party is a divorced character).

A prescribed price of HK$305 will have to be paid through cheque. (Cash isn’t allowed.) The cheque may be non-public or organisation, and addressed to “The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region”.

Image: Jeremy Wong Weddings/@jeremywongweddings/Unsplash
Selecting date and time of marriage at registry
In case you need to marry at the registry on a day and time of your selecting, you will have to book an appointment inside 14 days earlier than the 3 months from the date of marriage. The date of appointment, but, gained’t be earlier than the first operating day from the 3-month length but you may get a concern range to select it slow slot for marriage if available. When you attain the workplace of the registrar on the appointed date, you may be organized in keeping with your priority quantity and allowed to pick out a time slot.

In case you do not have a favored date of marriage and neither have any unique rationale to reserve a marriage hall or have missed the 14-day cut-off date to get the concern, you may still choose a date 香港婚姻介紹所收費 and time subject to the provision of the marriage quota left at the registry.

City Hall Marriage Hall
City Hall Marriage Hall, Central, Hong Kong. (Image: Hawsyeiuadow/Wikimedia Commons)
Depending on which registry you are submitting the attention to, the number of halls will vary from one to two. Note that each hall has a extraordinary seating and standing capacity.

If you prefer to marry at the office of the registrar for the duration of workplace hours, you will should deposit a rate of HK$715. For outdoor of normal office hours (consisting of Sunday), the fee is HK$1,935.

Collecting Certificate of Registrar of Marriages
After the exhibition of 15 days from the submission of observe, the registrar shall problem the Certificate of Registrar of Marriages. This could be very crucial as no marriage may be performed even at a licensed location of worship without offering this proof.

Get married
If the vicinity of marriage is the registry, be there nicely ahead of time on the appointed day. Witnesses will need to be present at the time of marriage. The Registrar or the civil celebrant, as the case can be, will study out phase 21 of the Marriage Ordinance — the marriage oath. The marriage might as a result be solemnised.

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